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ODAC Install

Oracle Database Access Components (ODAC) Installation

Unzip the Oracle installation files to a folder on your desktop or preferred location. Select Setup.exe application


It is good practice to always right click on setup files and select run as administrator, even if you have admin rights.

Step 1 - Select Product Languages

Select your preferred lanuguage and then select next

Step 1 ODAC Install

Step 2 - Specify Oracle Home User

Select the default option and Use Windows Built-in Account

Step 2 ODAC Install

Step 3 - Specify Installation Location

The Oracle Base and Software location should be the same as step number 3 when you installed the Oracle Client. You will need to manually select the proper software location. This directory usually ends with client_1 if there are no other installs of the Oracle Client. Use the drop down menu to select the proper directory.


Install in the same Oracle base and Software Location directory as the Oracle Client Installation step 3 (link to section for reference).


Failure to install in the same location will result in a failed configuration of the ODAC.

Step 3 ODAC Install

Step 4 - Available Product Components

Leave the default options and select next

Step 4 ODAC Install

Step 5 - ODP.NET (Oracle Data Provider for .NET)

Select the checkbox to configure ODP.NET


Failure to select the checkbox will result in a failed configuration of the ODAC

Step 5 ODAC Install

Step 6 - Perform Prerequisite Checks

Oracle verifying that the target environment meets minimum requirements. This can take some time.

Step 6 ODAC Install

Step 7 - Summary


You can Save Response File before selecting Install. You can use this file for a silent install. This is useful if you are a system administrator and have to install the Oracle Client on many user stations. Learn more at Oracle docs.

Step 7 ODAC Install

Step 8 - Install Product

Step 8 ODAC Install

Step 9 - Finish

That's it, you're all done! There's no need to run the scripts noted. Select close, we're ready to setup our client to connect to the database server.

Step 9 ODAC Install