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Lode Data Documentation

Welcome to Lode Data Corporation's document website!

This site will guide you through installing our software as well provide you with up to date user guides.


This documentation is currently under active development and may not be fully complete.

User Guides for all products are currently in development and will be added as they become available.

Please contact Lode Data Technical Support if you have any questions. We welcome your suggestions on how we can make this guide better. Contact us


This section outlines common usages you'll find through out the documentation. Use these as a reference.


SQL code can be ran from Oracle's SQL *Plus program or a command prompt.

Connecting to SQL through a command prompt

sqlplus/nolog                -- connect to sql plus through a cmd shell
connect sys/lode as sysdba;  -- connect as user sys password lode
select * from lode_version;  -- get lode database version

Other languages will appear similar to the above example.

Inline commands

You may need to type in commands into a command prompt or the AutoCAD command line. The command to type will be denoted as:

Type regen into the AutoCAD command line

File paths

Denotes the file location or directory

C:\Program Files\Lode Data Corporation\Drafting Assistant\10.2 2019

Key press

Keyboard Graphic
UP Arrow
Down Arrow
Left Arrow
Right Arrow
DOT / Period .
Enter Enter
Windows / Start windows key