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How to Install The Design Assistant

This is the guide on how to install The Lode Data Design Assistant.

This document was written to guide the user through the installation of version 10.50 of The Design Assistant. The guide can be used to install most of our previous versions as well as future versions.

This guide will be updated to reflect only significant changes in future releases of the program.


The Lode Data Design Assistant does not require a vast amount of computing power. Thus budget or entry level PCs will be able to run the program, however; for the best user experience meet the minimum recommendations below.

  • Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SDD drive
  • Intel i5 CPU or higher
  • USB Hardware Lock/Key

Step 1 - Download Files

Download the program installation files.

When you purchase or upgrade your Design Assistant program Lode Data will provide you with a download link.

Save the ZIP file to a folder on your desktop.

Step 2 - Unzip Files

Unzip the installation files to a folder on your desktop. There should be one file in the zip archive called Design Assistant <version> x64.exe.

Installation Names

There are other versions and installation packages available. The name of the EXE file may vary slightly depending on the version you are installing. The general naming convention is <Product Name> <version> <os architecture>.exe.

Step 3 - Select Setup

Having Admin privileges may be required to install the program. Please consult your IT department for assistance.

  • Left Click on the Design Assistant <version> x64.exe file to select it
  • Right Click and select Run as administrator

    Run as admin

  • Select YES to allow the program to run with admin privileges


Step 4 - Select Install

Select on Install. This will install the software dependencies listed.

Select Install

1-wire Key Drivers

During installation you may be prompted to install 1-Wire drivers. If you have older versions or have ever installed these drivers then you may not see the prompt.

These must be installed in order for the USB key to be recognized by your computer.

1-wire drivers

Step 5 - Agree to License Terms

Select to agree to the license terms and conditions. This will install the program dependencies for the Microsoft C++ 2015-2019 redistributables x64.

Agree to license terms

Existing Redistributables

It is possible you already have the Microsoft C++ 2015-2019 redistributables installed. If so you will have a different prompt and can select Close and then Yes to cancel and continue with the installation.

existing install

redistributables cancel

Step 6 - Select Install

Select on the install button.

Select Install

Step 7 - Close Install

Select on the close button. This will complete the installation of the Microsoft C++ 2015-2019 redistributables x64.

Close install

Step 8 - Design Assistant Installation Wizard

Select Next to continue with the Design Assistant Installation Wizard.

Design Assistant installation wizard

Select Defaults

From here forward you can select the default options by selecting Next.

Unless you want to change the location of the program installation or the default location of files.

Step 9 - Lode Data License Agreement

Read the Lode Data License Agreement and select Yes to agree to the terms of use.

License Agreement

Step 10 - What's New

Read what's new in the program. This list highlights bug fixes and new features that have been added for your specific version.

Select Next.

What's New

Step 11 - Select Features

Select the features you'd like to install with the program.


✔ Default Help Files

🔲 Sample Files

Select Features

Default Help Files

✔ Selected by default.

These are files that can be access from the program by selecting HELP from the pulldown menu. These are replaced by online documentation.

Sample Files

🔲 Unchecked by default.

This option will install our sample files. Consider installing these if you are new to the program and plan to go through the manual tutorials.

Change Default

The default location of the sample files is in the user's %APPDATA% directory. You may want to change the directory. The files should be installed in a directory where the user has proper read/write permissions.

Step 12 - Destination Folder

C:\Program Files\Lode Data Corporation

Default location where the program is installed. You do not need to change this setting in 99.9% of cases.

Select Next

Destination Folder

Step 13 - Review Current Settings

Review the current settings and selections you have made before proceeding with the installation.

Select Next.

Review Current Settings

Step 14 - Installation Wizard Complete

Select Finish to complete the installation.

Install complete

Step 15 - Attach USB Hardware Lock/Key

Attach the USB device that Lode Data Corporation provided you. This is a blue USB device. The device must be attached to a USB port directly on your computer. Using a hub or any other 3rd party device may cause the device to malfunction.


For more information on your USB Key, please visit our USB Keys FAQ.

Lode Data Corporation also offers a keyless network version. This license is reserved for customers with 20+ licensing.

Step 16 - Launch Program

Design Icon

You should now have the Design Assistant icon on your desktop or start menu. Double click on the program to open and begin working with the program.